Newsletters / Email Marketing


When we look at Email inside the Digital Marketing sphere, we realize it is still one of the fastest, most reliable, inexpensive ways to communicate with our audience.  They can help customers reach our website, read about our latest news, discover new products and services, or take direct action on our latest promotion.

In today’s marketplace, customers drown in information from products and services they do not request, turning them into a much more selective audience, and making it hard to grab their attention.  Newsletters can be quickly blacklisted and fall into our spam folder. The challenge remains on making sure our Newsletter gets delivered, read, and acted upon by:

  • Creating an attractive, comfortable design
  • Creating engaging, relevant and interesting content
  • Encouraging readers to share the content via Social Networks
  • Setting up a strategic delivery timing based on customer profile
  • Tracking subscribers activity through ‘Open’ and ‘Click’ rates through weekly reports
  • Designing a responsive format, easy to read in different platforms (PC, tablet, or smartphone)

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