Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing

Companies need to address their customers with a coherent and consistent overall strategy, one that is in line with their values and image, both online and offline.  Whether B2B or B2C, the way companies are going to address their customers is going to be defined inside the Digital Strategy, bearing in mind the different elements they wish to communicate to their audience.  In the first step of the strategy, key elements such as company image, values, target, and customer profile, are reviewed to later define the tools and channels to be used.

Based upon the previous elements, we define key components of the strategy such as message, tone, persona, keywords, media and content, and discuss how they are to be delivered, keeping in mind that the key to success relies on delivering in a consistent manner using different channels, such as Websites, Social Networks, Newsletters, and Blogs.

Once the strategy is implemented, we consistently measure results through key Metrics and Analytics, which will help us improve the impact of our strategy and communication campaigns, having a positive impact on the results inside search engines.

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