About me


Welcome!  As a complement to my CV, this site summarizes the role I would like to play as an Online Marketer.  In order to save some time, I will briefly go over some of my previous experiences. After studying Languages & Communication in Caracas, Venezuela, I moved to Belgium looking for new horizons. Here I have collaborated inside different companies focusing mainly inside commercial coordination positions, covering Sales, Marketing, Customer Care & Logistics. I also have great experience as a Language Instructor. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for more information.

In 2009 I became acquainted with the Digital world and have loved it ever since. Following different postgraduate and online courses on both Offline & Online Marketing, I have specialized in different elements of the Digital Communication sphere, most of which will be useful when developing and implementing a comprehensive Digital Strategy for your business. These elements are explained more in detail in the site. Enjoy your visit!

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